We guarantee a regular import and export connections thanks to a highly skilled personnel and stable abroad cooperants what makes the groupage and the whole vehicle goods delivery chain optimized.

Our vehicles:palety

  • Vehicles up to 1,5t of capacity (tilt, container)
  • Vehicles up to 3,5t of capacity (tilt, container)
  • Vehicles up to 6t of capacity (tilt, container, refidgerator)
  • Vehicles up to 24 t of capacity (tilt, container, refidgerator, doppelstock)

The insurance amount (OCP) is set up to 200 000 USD

Certain part of the fleet pot is authorized to transport hazmat materials.
We are specializing in transport services on the following directions:

Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, France, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norwey, Grate Britain, Irleand, Romania, Estonia, Portugal.

We are operating under the regulations of the CMR Convention andTransportation Law Regulations.