24 hours delivery

„Just in time” is a new express service implemented by the EuroproVider.clock002
Now, you can improve your goods delivery chain across the most of European countries. Express delivery is limited only by an amount of euro palettes (8ep) and the maximum load weight of 1500kg. There is an option to deliver greater amount/weight of load for the next day (up to 1200km) in special circumstances. You can get all information by contact with one of our Freight Forwarding Advisors.


Our vehicles:

  • Vehicles up to 1,5t of capacity (tilt, container)
  • Vehicles up to 3,5t of capacity (tilt, container)
  • Vehicles up to 6t of capacity (tilt, container, refidgerator)
  • Vehicles up to 24 t of capacity (tilt, container, refidgerator, doppelstock)


The insurance amount ( OCP ) is set up to 200 000 USD outside the Polish border and up to 150 000 USD on the Polish territory.
Certain part of the vehicle pot is authorized to transport hazmat materials.
There is a possibility of GPS monitoring.

We are operating under the regulations of the CMR Convention and Transportation Law Regulations.